Real Life Experiences

Everybody needs encouragement now and then, and we offer these stories and poems to you in the hopes that you'll find something that will touch your heart, something that will help you to face a new day, a new situation, a new problem.  In some of our future articles the names and places will have been changed. 

God wants us to lead rich, full lives, and sometimes we need to be encouraged towards the fulfillment of our potential.  It is our prayer that these
stories and poems will bring a blessing and comfort to those who are going through the storms and sorrows of life.

We would like to thank those who have given us permission to share what they have gone through, in so doing, they have followed the example of
Paul the Apostle who used his afflictions to encourage and comfort others.  (2 Cor. 1:3-6)

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From New Age Deception To Christ   


God wanted me when the Foster Care system didn't.   


They fled Ukraine and Ukraine followed.   


I Plant Secret House Churches   


I laid down my Islamic privilege to preach Jesus around the world.   


David and Svea Flood - Sowing in Tears   


Dr. Helen Roseveare   


Baby Box Saves Over 1500 Lives   


Reuben's Story   


Was It Chance?   


Very Soon I Will Be In Heaven   


Silent Night - The True Story   


John G. Paton - Missionary to The South Sea Islands   


Biography of Hymn Writer Phillip Bliss   


I'm A Shooting Survivor   


Charlotte Elliot Who Penned The Hymn "Just As I Am"   


Missionary Pilot Dies Transporting Corona Virus Supplies   


God Is In Control   


In My Seat   


She Sought The Doctor, But Found Christ   


Strength In The Struggle   


An Inconvenient Obedience   


Professor John Lennox   


Scottish Missionary Who Paid The Ultimate Price   


Victim of Columbine High School Shootings   


Unable To Finish School For Becoming A Christian   


Raised In a Doomsday Cult   


Those Who Fought For Freedom Until Death   


True Life Story of John Harper   


WW II Superhero - He Saved Hundreds of Jewish POWs   


Gratitude To Paramedics Who Saved His Life   


Apologist Norman Geisler Who Didn't Have "Enough Faith To Be An Atheist"   


Why I Forgave The Man I Once Plotted To Kill   


Former Abortionist: "Abortion is Barbaric"   


I Found The Gospel in Communist Romania   


The Little White Envelope   


Benny Hinn Is My Uncle, But Prosperity Preaching Isn't For Me   


Christian Missionary Details His Time in Sudanese Prison   


The High Cost of Peer Pressure   


"Just One Year" of Missions   


Harry Moorehouse, The English Evangelist   


Visit In The Hospital . . . Not Me   


Ira D. Sankey - Gospel Singer and Composer   


Dwight L. Moody   


William Leslie - Missionary To The Congo   


Written by a Doctor who worked in Africa   


Viewpoint From A Once "Troubled Kid"   


Senior's Coffee Please   


The Power Of Forgiveness   


Saved - A Nightmare Walk On The Beach   


Kristi's Story   


The Slave Girl Called Blandina   


Einstein and Billy Graham   


A Tribute For Father's Day by Matt Cotton   


Charles E. Fuller   


Queen Victoria's Conversion - Being Sure Of Eternal Life   


The Gospel Tract   


Samuel Morris, Missionary To America   


How A Holiday Turned Into A Mission   


I Heard The Bells   


The Battle Of My Life by Joni Eareckson Tada   


Neesima Shimeta - Japan's Home Grown Gospel Hero   


Burke The Burglar   


The Old Colonel   


The Life and Ministry of Jerry McAuley   


Jane Haining - Scottish Missionary Who Died In Auschwitz   


Darlene Deibler Rose - Prisoner Of War   


Ike Miller's Conversion   


The Stroke Which Was My Due, Fell Upon Him   


Life In A Concentration Camp In Russia   


The Brown-Bag Christmas   


When Sankey Sang The Shepherd's Song On Christmas Eve   


Geoffrey T. Bull (1921-1999)   


Sir James Simpson - Discoverer of Chloroform   


William Carey's Amazing Mission   


George W. Truett   


James Nicolson's Commendation   


The Conversion of Millionaire Henry Goodyear   


The Saloon Keeper's Children   


February 29, 1948 - Prisoner Number One   


00:22 Minutes   


A Gift In Prison   


A Soldier's Tale of Grace   


A Witness From 60 Years Ago - Lieutenant General Sir William Dobbie   


Amy Carmichael's First Act of Kidnapping   


Ann Hasseltine Judson - First American Woman Missionary   


Anthony - A Beggar Made Fit For a King   


Billy Bray - The Conversion of A Drunkard   


Chinese Underground Church Leader - Samuel Lamb   


Gladys Aylward - Missionary to China   


Grandpa Dyke's Conversion To God   


Harold Wildish   


Hatred Preserves Pain   


Henry Martyn   


His Mother's Bible - Dr. W.P. MacKay   


Hudson Taylor and China Inland Mission   


Irene Sendler (Rescuer of Jewish Children)   


James Milton Black   


Jenner of George Street   


John Bradford   


John and Betty Stam   


Jungle Decision   


Mary Slessor Among The Cannibals of Calabar   


Missionaries Who Died In The Ecuador Jungle   


Nurse Edith Cavell   


Out of The Mouths of Babes   


Paul Chaubey - A Murderer Saved   


Paul Neilly - From Surgeon to Patient   


Helen Roseveare - The Faith of A Little Child   


Solitary Confinement - By Robert Vogeler   


She Dared To Save The Bibles   


Sir Nicolas Winton - Saved the lives of 669 children from death in Nazi Germany   


Charles Thomas (C.T.) Studd   


Teenager Mary Jones Took a Walk and Paved The Way   


The Miraculous Survival of Missionaries - Typhoon Haiyan - Philippines   


The Valley Of The Shadow   


Waziri Kagoma - He Forgave Them   


William Cowper - There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood   




In the advancement of years, it is so easy to lose sight of the apparently simple but profound questions of a little child.  Their minds are filled with curiosity and questionings.  For many adults the amazing becomes ordinary, but for a child, the world can be full of excitement and wonder.  I can understand the words of the ancient prophet when he wrote: "A little child shall lead them".  Our Lord said:  "I thank Thee Father . . . that Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes" (Matt. 11:25).  This poem was written by a little girl of 10 years of age, and is an example of the teachings of the ancient prophet and our Lord.  Her testimony and photo can be found in the "Personal Testimonies" category - "A Little Child shall Lead Them". (Isa. 11:6)



I Am A Disabled Christian - I Am A Person With “West Nile”



Finding Life's Deeper Meaning In Adversity



I Was An Abused Wife