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        Series #  
  01 Allen, Jim The Call of Service    
  02 Allen, Jim The Challenge of Service    
  03 Allen, Jim The Pathway of The Spiritual Man 1  
  04 Allen, Jim The Holy War    
  05 Baxter, Sidlow Entire Sanctification    
  06 Bruce, Prof. F. F. Life In The Risen Christ    
  07 Cundick, Fred The Translation of Elijah    
  08 Jennings, Rowan Giving    
  09 Rodgers, E. W. Why Stand Ye Here Idle?    
  10 Rodgers, E. W. Give Account of Thy Stewardship    
  11 Rodgers, E. W. Three Overcomers: Noah, Daniel, Job    
  12 Rodgers, E. W. Glorying In The Cross