Eternal Security of The Believer
by Rowan Jennings

"I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish" . . . John 10:28


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Introductory Thoughts    


Part 1 - Introduction  


Part 2  - Illustrated From The Old Testament  


Part 3 - Clarification of The Terms  


Part 4 - What Happened At The Moment of Salvation?  


Part 5 - Why Do Saints Question Their Salvation?  


Part 6 - What About People Who Give Up Their Salvation?  
Detailed Happenings At Salvation    


Part 1 - Exercised His Power, In Divine Hands, Saved Us  


Part 2 - Made Complete, God's Love Gift To Christ, Circumcised
               Without Hands, and Saved To The Uttermost




In Christ