Personal Testimonies


The testimonies on this web site are true stories of everyday people whose lives have been changed by the redeeming power of God.
Because of their thankfulness for what Jesus Christ has done in their lives, they wish to share their testimonies of God's amazing grace.



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MacIntosh, Jim

“Despite an open Bible in the home, many memory verses learned, and hearing the Gospel clearly preached, I was a rebellious child”



Adamson, Heath

“Her prayers helped pull me out of Occult-Fueled madness"





“How a Muslim from Malaysia found Christ”





“Eternally saved but not perfect”



Adams, Bill


“I was stirred as the preacher spoke while tears ran down his face.  For the first time I was thinking about heaven and hell.”



Allen, Nicky


“I had a faithful old Sunday School”



Arao, Danaea


“I was saved on Sunday August 22, 2010 and baptized in Osoyoos Lake on Sunday August 29, 2010.  I came to this decision after learning about God through many Sunday School stories, from my Mom and Dad, reading my bible, and learning through personal experiences of how God helps us and loves us.”



Armstrong, Emily

“From the Bahai Faith to Porn to Alpha to Jesus"



Bates, Peter


“A flicker of hope to a needy sinner ”


Beaulieu, Richard


"I had convinced myself that I was saved by the simple association of being counted among the Christians and engaged in the things that Christians did.  I prayed, read scripture, and was participating in the Great Commission of sharing my faith with others.  I was blind."


Bennett, Richard (Peter)

"From Tradition To Truth, A Priest's Story"


Berkowitz, David

"I was involved in the occult and I got burned.  I became a cruel killer and threw away my life as well as destroying the lives of others"





“The Wonderful Grace of God"



Brown, Josh


“Double Life Of a Professing Christian”



Browne, Michael


“The Lord had a definite purpose for his life”


Brunner, Charles


“I grew up in the Yukon wilderness on a trapline and outside the small community of Dawson City, home of the "Klondike Goldrush".”



Budd, Marilyn

“I always wanted to be saved but never made it #1”


Campbell, Duncan   (1898-1972)

"God didn't speak to me in a church or in a mission hall, God spoke to me at a dance."



Cano, Sally


“Rescued and Saved at Culvers”





“I was happily getting on with my life until my brother was killed instantly and tragically in a work accident”



Chacko, Jacob


"Like the prodigal son, I was far from the Lord and I did not acknowledge that I needed a rededication of my life to the Lord.  The Lord spoke to me even in my sinful condition.  My eyes were opened, and I realized the wretched condition of my heart.  I rededicated my life to Christ and I prayed that I will remain faithful to my God.  I was sorry that it took a lot of chastening from the Lord to catch my attention."



Chamberlain, Lydia


“I was saved by Spiritual birth - then life became worth living”


Chambers, Douglas

"I had no interest in listening to or discussing spiritual matters, however, there were always those nagging questions in my mind, such as, 'What happens after one's last heartbeat?'"



Cheah, Orianna Daphane


“Jesus rescued me by His Love ”



Chu, Alexander

“Beyond Buddha to Beloved"



Cranston, Reggie


“Lord, don't let me leave this meeting tonight without getting saved”



Crooks, Mark

“Saved Forever"



Dollar, Grady


“Grace at Work - A Lost Dollar is Found”



Dunn, Bill


The music was pounding, the place was bopping, Bill Dunn had finally made it!  It would not be long before he was a super star!



Eden, Mark


“I constantly felt something was wrong in my heart and could not identify what it was”



Ekiai, Dikkie


“Out of darkness into Light”


Faviere, Steven

"I began to rebel against God and my parents.  Consuming alcohol and using drugs at the age of twelve became my life"


Fitts, Mina Lou

"What was once social drinking became a demanding nightmare that could not be satisfied "


Fitzhugh, Orlando

"At sixteen I almost died a drug addict."





“Fong finds meaning in life”



Golebiewski, Kamil

“I could finally say that I love God for He first loved me.”



Goodes, Gary


“New Beginnings ”



Gray, Derwin

“Pro Football Was My God"



Green, Bruce


“The Protected Motorcycle Enthusiast”



Griffin, John


“What Can I Do?”



Gustafson, Walter


“All I had was religion and good works without Christ”



Hammersmark, Don

“Finding Christ In A Logging Shack"


Hay, F.

"My life exposed for the shoddy, selfish, useless thing it was"



Hess, Yvonne


“My 33-Year Search For Peace”



Hiebert, Roy


“A Good Heritage From Grandfather”


Hill, Carroll (Mohawk)

"When I became 18 I realized my life was going down hill fast."



Hopwood, Shon


“God's Hot Pursuit of An Armed Bank Robber”



Hovey, Joel


“Sinner's Prayer Messed Me Up”



Hughes, Tony


“The question I had to face, 'If you died tonight, would you be in heaven or hell'?”


Hull, Albert E.   

"Self-will marked my early days as I became immersed in the pleasures of sin"



Hunchak, Conrad


“Good Bye, Bottle - Hello Peace!"



Ironside, Harry


“My Conversion To God”



Jennings, Adelaide   (1921-2014)

“It is always a joy for me to tell how the Lord graciously came into our family and saved father, mother, and all ten children.”



Jennings, Rowan Sr.  (1919-1986)

“I was born into a family where drink was a curse, for when my dad was born, his mother hardly knew she had given birth.  Poverty, to the extreme, was our lot, with father drinking himself out of two businesses.  At times, a piece of turnip was all we had to eat.” 



Jennings, Rowan

“I was sent to a one week series of special children's meetings.  Of course I did not mind, because it meant a time of “carry on” with my friends.  I was not interested in Uncle Dan who was the speaker, nor the gospel!  When he began speaking I began misbehaving.  My feet were up on the seat in front of me and I was kicking it so that the children were being jolted up and down.  Part way through his message, Uncle Dan stopped speaking and looking at me said, “Young man behave yourself”.  Within minutes of that happening, Uncle Dan said the word, “Eternity”.  God took that word and burned it deep into my mind and conscience.”





“Towards my late teenage years I was enjoying everything the world had to offer, yet I felt incomplete, empty, and alone, no inner peace”



Johnson, Jacquelyn


“Lost Catholic to Saved By Grace”


Kalos, Ioannis


“Born an orphan from Greece . . lived in numerous failed foster homes and institutions and was filled with bitterness and resentment”




“Buying knives, he began to plan how to murder those men in the village who had been harassing him"



Kersten, Katie


“I was learning that I needed to live by faith and not by sight”



Killen, Chris


“From Prodigal to Preacher”



Kim Phuc Phan Thi


“These Bombs Led Me To Christ"



Kremer, Lynette


“A Summer of Salvation”



Knipe, Leslie  (1942-2014)


“I was brought up on the family farm in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland.  As a child my parents taught me by example and by precept what it meant to be a christian.  I, as an individual, needed to put my personal faith in Christ and His finished work, not one given me from my parents or the church.  I was 9 years old when I asked Jesus Christ to take away my sin and make me His child.”



Kuiken, Nadine


“I was acutely aware that if the Lord Jesus returned, I was not ready to meet Him”



Labbe, Joe

“Church!  Church!  Church!  But no peace.  The day my life was changed.”



Laverty, Thomas

“It didn't matter where I was, or what I was doing, there was this awful sense of conviction of sin in my soul.”



Lim, Dr. Paul C.H.


“Yale student resisted God, but God called him through a song”



Singh, Kulbant

“I want fellow Sikhs to know Jesus is the real God"


Lavery, William


"Despite the drinking and 'fun', Bill struggled with his emptiness until one night, he picked up a Bible"



Long, Jessica

“Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long finds her identity in Christ”


MacLeod, William

"Far enough away from the Kingdom to be lost"


Macphail, Donald

"Why am I alive in this complicated world?"



McCandless, Mindy

“I feared the Lord's coming and being left behind”



Mcauley, Jerry


“At the age of nineteen he had been sentenced to Sing Sing Penitentiary for sixteen years and six months”


McFadyen, Mike


"I came to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour after several near-death encounters.  God used these events to turn my heart toward Him over time."



McMurray, Steve


“The only thing clear in my mind was a sense of hopelessness and futility”



Mangone, Richard D.


“My name was on a Federal Most Wanted List.  Now it's written in the Book of Life”



Miller, Bob


“Only the Lord can help you”



Miller, John A.


“37 Years of Darkness Among The Amish”


Mitchell, Alice


"I knew that I wasn't saved so if the Lord was to come, my family would go and I would be left behind."


Mitchell, Peter

"Sometimes God has to 'shake the boat' in order to wake us up while we drift through life. "


Montgomery, Leanne


"One day I looked in the mirror and asked myself . . . Why am I here, what is the meaning to life?"


Morrison, Mary J.

"Having escaped from the restraints of home I began to learn what it meant to be free"


Moulaison, Christine

"Many times, I thought as a teenager, What will I tell God when I meet Him with all my sins?"


Mueller, George   (1805-1898)

"In the University when I was there, they were a wild, swearing, beer-drinking set.  I was ringleader among them in their mad pranks."


Murphy, Sally


"I was raised in Northern Ireland with the background of a mixed family.  My grandmother was Catholic, although her father was a Protestant.  When grandmother was a little older she left the Catholic church and joined the Church of Ireland.  My father was born into a very religious and strict Presbyterian family.  Thus I had three religious persuasions in my background, Catholic, Church of Ireland and Presbyterian.  My dilemma was which was right, were they all right in some things and wrong in others, how was I to know?"


Naidu, Peter


"I was a fire-walker,  born on one of the islands of Fiji.  In our home we set aside a room which was always kept spotlessly clean it was where there was a shrine filled with exotic and fascinating portraits, and images of various Hindu deities.  We burned incense and lit a holy lamp before starting the prayers and chanting.  On occasions we used skewers to pierce our cheeks, in one side through one cheek, across the mouth, and out through the other."



Newbell, Trillia

“Former Pro-Choice Atheist Tells Evangelicals For Life How God Transformed Her”



Newton. John


“Converted By Amazing Grace”



Oaks, Janet


“Abused and sad - Joyful and Saved”



Olson, Heather

“We were in a bad car accident, in which we were rear ended, and despite having a canister of gas in the back of the car, God’s mercy was manifested when it did not explode.  Looking back, it is evident God had other plans for me.  His mercy was great for had I died in that accident I would have immediately been in Hell.  I had never had a living relationship with the Lord Jesus, and knowing almost nothing about salvation, I was “without hope and without God in the world” (Eph. 2:12).” 


O'Neill, Peggy

"At the age of seventeen I said goodbye to my father and mother, my two sisters and seven brothers, and entered the convent"


Orr, George   (1918-2006)

"As a baby, a missionary took me in his arms in prayer and asked the Lord for my salvation and that I might become a missionary "





“The older I got, the more I understood I needed something to fill the emptiness I had in my heart”


Panchito, Don


"I was an altar boy at the Roman Catholic Church in another era"


Paquette, Butch

"Nine years of my life were spent in and out of prison.  My friends would say, you're back in prison, you must like it here"


Parlee, Marika

"I was desperately searching for acceptance, peace and happiness in all the wrong places."



Peacock, Gavin


“Professional Soccer Was My God”


Peacock, Robert    (1904-1978)

"Every evening my father thanked God for each child and pleaded with God for our salvation"



Perver, Chris

“While I was lying in my hospital bed I was contemplating whether this was my last day on earth.  I was absolutely terrified by that thought.  It was an extremely trying, soul searching experience, and helped me realize just how fragile my life is.  It also helped me realize that the most important things in life are those things that are eternal.”



Petterson, Dr. Kurt


“Sailor's Stormy Seas Calmed”



Picard, Rosalind

“An MIT Professor Meets the Author of All Knowledge"


Prins, Paul      (1959-2009)


"I was a wild child wanting to go my own way"


Prins, Stacey


"I thought baptism was basically all I needed to get started for Heaven and the rest of the time I would just have to work at it."



Promm, Heino

“It was afternoon in our little country of Estonia in the year 1944.  The Russians were taking over.  As we pulled away from the shore in our little fishing boat, my father and I caught a glimpse of the Russians coming down a highway on motorcycles.  We were just in time.”



Promm, Joan     (1932-2009)

Joan was severely injured in a car accident, to the point the ambulance attendants thought that she was dead. However, the Lord had other plans for her.



Qureshi, Nabeel

“Islam was All"





“I tried different religions, but none of them offered me true peace or the assurance of eternal life"



Ross, Richard


“Lost and empty then - Peace and Purpose now”



Sankaran, Kamesh


“The Humbling of a Proud Hindu”



Sargent, Marilyn


“Most Important Day of My Life”



Sarlo, Philip


“Lost At Sea ”



Schmidt, Joelan


“Prodigal Son Comes Home”



Sharp, Gary


“Angry At God"



Simon, P.G. - known as Jimmy

"My conversion is not as many are, for as you will see I had to have a Jonah experience before I was ready to listen to God.  God is not restricted to how He awakens people, each of us is an individual."



Sinnaeve, Carol


“My Personal Discovery of The Truth”


Smith, Robert W.

"He enjoyed this world's pleasures, but seldom thought of eternity or of meeting God"


Sourisseau, Ray


"I lost faith in 'The Faith', and I found Christ."


Spataro, Charles


"I was a sinner, and although I thought I knew all about the Bible, I had not known about the verse in Romans three."


Stevenson, Ian


"After three hours of presenting to God all my righteousness, I gave up and surrendered my lost condition to God, I was going to hell."               "There is none righteous, no, not one"  Romans 3:10


Studd, Charles Thomas (C.T.)

"Being religious we didn't believe in becoming converted, the peoples of other lands had to be converted"



Sutko, Janeen


“I saw how unhappy I was and I realized that the more I tried to control my life to make me happy the worse I became ”


Sutton, Ben


"I was a big foul-mouthed, drunken, gambling, black-hearted miner"


Tan, Dr. Charlotte


"All religion was superstition to me"



Tate, Kim Cash


“Meeting Jesus as a Black Woman in a White City”





“I Thought I Was a Good Person"



Thomassian, Melanie

“The reality of divine judgment was put before me, and under a weight of conviction, that night I took Jesus Christ at His word and He saved me.”



Timmins, Pastor Harry


“I was freed from the bondage of drink and drugs and I have God and God alone through Christ to thank for every day that I experience now”


Trotter, Mel

"It wasn't long before the social drink was not reserved for the special occasions, but it became a morning, noon, and night experience."



Vasey, Matty


“I attended Sunday School and Church for some years but was never challenged to the lostness of my soul, I was just going through the motions”



Vernon, Yvonne

“I was brought up in a Christian home and my Mom and Dad’s first priority was to bring us up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The things my Mom and Dad expected of us was exemplified in their own lives.  I thank God for giving me godly parents who were faithful to Him.”


Virga, Jennifer

"I came out of Judaism and realized that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah who came to give salvation"


Wahl, Albert

"Alcohol became my boss; I became it's slave "



Walsh, Joyce


“Testimony of a children's evangelist”



Ward, Danielle


“No Longer Empty and Shattered”



Warkentin, Albert

“If God calls you to serve, who are you to say no?”



Warkentin, Mertia

“We shall all be changed - we will be with the Lord!”



West, Steve


“When my wife got saved my world radically changed”



West, Mrs. Lucy


“I was angry with God - a God about whom I knew so very little”



Wilder, Micah

“Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus after attempting to convert Baptist Pastor”


Williamson, Andrew

"After experimenting with alcohol through my teenage years I left school, got a job, and settled into a life of living for the weekend."



Yauk, Dave

“I grew up in a ministry family - and I hated it"


Zachello, Joseph


"My old theology was shaken by one text from the Bible . . 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved' Acts 16:31."