Miscellaneous Poetry



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To-day?  Perhaps!  

Underneath and Everlasting  


Till He Come  


The Glorious Appearing  


The Right Words  


He Gave Himself For Me  


The Pathway of Pain  


My Child  


The Hiding Place  


When The Storms of Life Are Raging  


Lamb of God In Glory Seated  


Sacred Places  


Rags To Riches  


Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven  


New Year  


The Master's Way  


America? The Beautiful  


Why Do You Carry Your Burden Alone?  


Shut In With Thee Lord Jesus  


O My Saviour, Can It Be?  


Until I Learned To Trust  


Too Busy  


He Did No Sin  


This Blessed Old Book  


Not Always As It Seems  


Blest Name  




He Maketh No Mistake  


Jesus Loves Me In The Sunset Years  


They Worshipped Him  


What Then?  


Til He Come  


The Devil's Vision  


Gathered Around Our Blessed Lord  


Keep On Believing  


When I Climb Golgotha's Mountain  


Have You Thought About Your Soul?  


On His Heart  


Never Lonely  


The Lord's Supper  


Heaven or Hell  


Carest Thou Not  


Church of God, Beloved and Chosen  


When I Have Gone Before  


Afraid - Of What?  


Does God Care?  


Home, Sweet Home  


Step By Step  


Songs In The Night  


Oh! For a Heart That Is Burdened  


This Do - Remember Me  


In His Hands  


There's No Disappointment In Heaven  


Back To Bethlehem  


Turn To The Bible  


The Precious Book  


The Rest Of The Way  


The Time Is Short  


All-Sufficient Grace  


The Blessed Hope  

God's Family    

If Jesus Came To Your House  

Thou Standest On The Threshold    

A Soul  

The Teacher and His Register    

Two Mothers Remembered  



Faithful Is He Who Has Promised    

On The Other Side  


Oh Blessed Lord I Long For Thee  

Stop and Think    

Confiding In God  

The Greatest Test    

I've Gone A Little Early  

Regardless The Cost    

School Days  

The Bible and The TV Guide



A Changed Life


Precious Moments    

God's Grace is Sufficient  

A Sermon Without Words    

Who Is To Blame  

Nearing Home    

The Movies and TV  

What Says The Clock?    

No God?  

Why I Love The Lord    

The Greatest Gift  

This Do In Remembrance of Me    

Thirty Pieces of Silver  

Another Year    

The Brightness Of Heaven  

Is Christ Divided?    

In Christ We Have  

Look Up    

In The Valleys I Grow  

Sufficient Is He    

The Maker Of The Universe  

As The Twig is Bent    

God's Hall of Fame  


He Careth  

Chief of Sinners Though I Be    


I Cannot Give It Up    

In Remembrance  

The Voyage of Life    

My Guide  



He Satisfies    

Are All The Children In?  

New School Prayer    

Soul Search  

The Advocate    

Traveling On My Knees  

God Given Thorns    

My God Holds Everything in Place  

How Many Sheep Are Straying?    

Shut In  


The Woman At The Well  

The Blessing Of A Storm    

A Voice From Hell  

In The First Light    

His Unfailing Presence  

I Used To Work For Jesus    

Christ Jesus Lay In Death's Strong Bands  

We Know    

No Time For God  

My Friend    

Be An Example  

Judge Gently    

Home Training  

Story Of A False Prophet    

Claim The Sinner's Saviour  

If I Should Take My Scroll And Pen    

The Incomparable Christ  

The New Year    


Farewell, Farewell Beloved    

Not A Word Was Heard At The Tomb That Day  

The Remembrance Feast    

When Thou Passest Through The Waters  

He Is Coming    

The Coming Of His Feet  


What Have We Done Today