The Church
by Rowan Jennings

"Unto the Church of God . . . to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus . . . called saints" . . . 1 Corinthians 1:2



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Introduction To The Lord's Supper as a Suzerain Covenant In The Old and New Testament - Part 1  


Awe At The Lord's Supper - Those Who Handled The Body of The Lord  


Why No Revival?  


Giving - Part 1 - Introduction  


Giving - Part 2 - The Importance of Giving In The Scriptures  




Biblical Discipline - Part 1  




  The Scriptures and Elders  
  Biblical Designations of Elders  
  Solemnity of The Responsibility  
  The Pre-Qualifications and Qualifying  
  Their Ordination and Distinctions  
  The Scope of Their Activity and Process For The Work  
  Biblical Word Pictures / Metaphors of Elders  
  Old Testament Examples of Elders - Attitudes - Rewards  
  Dangers Elders Face and Fundamental Questions  
  Schematic For Elders