by Rowan Jennings

"There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets . . . what shall be in the latter days" . . . Daniel 2:28



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Introductory Notes On Prophecy

Prophetic Outlines and Schematics

What Is It? It's Relevance, Dangers and Instruments

The Coming of The Lord

The Intermediate State


A Table On The Judgments  


The Judge and Judgments Of The Future  


An Alliteration Of Prophecy - Part 1  


An Alliteration Of Prophecy - Part 2 - Schematic On The Future  


A Survey Of Prophecy - Matthew Chapter 24  


The Preeminence Of The Lord As The Judge  
 The Millenium    


Biblical References To The Millenium and Events Surrounding It  


Terms Used To Describe The Millenium  


The Characteristics Of The Lord's Reign  


The Presentation Of Christ As King