by Rowan Jennings

"In all things He might have the preeminence" . . . Colossians 1:18

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The Worthiness of Christ To Be Worshipped  


Prophecies and Fulfillment from 4004 BC to AD 33  


The Uniqueness of The Lord As The Mighty Victor In Resurrection - Part 1  

Descriptions, Terms, Names and Titles of Christ


Musings On Our Lord - No. 1 - His Preeminence


Musings On Our Lord - No. 2 - His Beauty


The Beauty Of The Balanced Life Of Christ  


The Crowned One  


Introduction To The Holy Spirit in The Life of Christ  


The Holy Spirit and The Lord's Conception  


Christ Greater Than The Temple  


Christ The Forerunner  


Christ The Passover  


Christ The Teacher  


Worship The Lord  


The Greatness of Christ Our Justifier  


The Titles of Jehovah  


A Meditative Devotional Based On Christ The Surety  


Christ's Resurrection and The Defeat Of Satan