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Multi-Pictures of The Sufferings of Christ

Study to shew thyself approved unto God . . . 2 Timothy 2:15


In the following table is a  list of the multi-pictures of the sufferings of Christ for sin that I am aware of in the scriptures:  

One of the greatest blessings of humanity is that of being able to remember the Lord according to His command.  However, there seems to be a routine of themes with scarcely any increasing depth of verbal participation in worship.  It is evident that it is not the smallness of the object, but of my appreciation of Him.  The Lord and His work is too vast for any heart or mind to comprehend.  It is hoped that the following prefigurements of our Lordís sacrifice and the consequent blessing will enlarge our vision until the glory of the Lord fills our spiritual horizon.



The cross in this context is a synonym for the sacrifice of the Lord.  This is relevant because it is only as saints live in the reality and not formality of the cross that there will be unity.  When a saint understands what it is to know the love of the heart of the Lord (Rom. 5:5; 8:39), and the fullness of His forgiveness (Lk. 7:47), it is because they are living at the foot of the cross.

  2) These illustrative types will be divided in the following ways:





That which Abel offered

Gen. 4:4

The ram instead of Isaac

Gen. 22:13

The burnt offering

Lev. 1:1-17

The meat offering

Lev. 2:1-16

The peace offering

Lev. 3:1-17

The sin offering

Lev. 4:1-35

The trespass offering

Lev. 5:1-6

The two goats

Lev. 16:7

The two birds

Lev. 14:4

The red heifer

Num. 19:2

The sucking lamb

1 Sam. 7:9

She goat

Gen. 15:9



The coats of skins

Gen. 3:21

The Mercy Seat  (propitiation)

Rom. 3:24-25

The tree cast into the bitter water

Ex. 15:25

The Smitten Rock

Ex. 17:6

The brazen serpent

Num. 21:8-9

The rent vail

Matt. 27:51

The corn of wheat

Jn. 12:24

Badger skins

Ex. 25:5

Ramís skins

Ex. 25:5



Abel, who was slain

Gen. 4:8


Gen. 22:2-9


Jon. 2:3-6


Gen. 37:2-50:26


Ruth 2:1-4:13



Covert from the tempest

Isa. 32:2 

The Good Shepherd

Jn. 10:11

The Daysman

Job 9:33

The Gift of God

2 Cor. 9:15

The Lamb of God

Jn. 1:29

The Man of Sorrows

Isa. 53:3

The Nobleman

Lk. 19:9-13

The Offering

Eph. 5:2

The Sacrifice

Heb. 9:24-25

The Owl of the desert

Psa. 102:6

The Pelican in the wilderness

Psa. 102:6

The Sparrow alone

Psa. 102:7

The Mediator

1 Tim. 2:5-6

The True Bread

Jn. 6:32

The Testator

Heb. 9:15-17

The Way

Jn. 14:6

The cake or wafer

Lev. 2:5-6

The worm

Psa. 22:6

The Kindness of God

Titus 3:4


O.T. Words Used to Describe His Sufferings:

The day of His fierce anger

Lam. 1:12

Forsaken by God

Psa. 22:1


Aspects of The Blood of Christ and By It:

The believer is linked to the covenant.

Heb. 12:24

There is the knowledge of eternal life.

Jn. 6:32-69

Justification is secured.

Rom. 5:9

There is freedom from guilt.

Eph. 1:7

The redeemed are brought near to God.

Eph. 2:13

There is redemption, and forgiveness of sins.

Col. 1:14

There is forever the witness on earth of the death of the Lord and man's hatred.

1 Jn. 5:8

There is the impetus to overcome life itself by being a martyr for the Lord.

Rev. 12:11


Aspects of The Blood of Christ and It Is:

The proof of the death of the Lord

Jn. 19:33

The purchasing price for the flock

Acts 20:28

The centering point of saints on earth

1 Cor. 10:16

The delivering power from the kingdom of Satan

Col. 1:20

The grounds for securing our entrance before God

Heb. 9:7-12

The grounds for our perfecting before God

Heb. 13:20

The theme of Heaven's throngs

Rev. 5:5-14

The assurance of the better things to come

Heb. 12:24-25

The foundation for our sanctification

Heb. 13:12

The evidence of the providing for the fulfilling of our election

1 Pet. 1:2

The cost of our redemption

1 Pet. 1:18-21

The process by which we can be cleaned

1 Jn. 1:7


Aspects of The Cross of The Lord:


The measurement of our devotion and obedience

Heb. 12:1-4

It is the only way to true service

Matt. 10:38

The epitome of the fullness of the Lord emptying Himself

Phil. 2:6-8

It was the pathway to glory

Heb. 2:10

It is set in contrast to His glory

Acts 2:23-24

It is the sentence of God in death to the old man in us

Rom. 6:5-7

The cross utterly condemns anyone who presents another way of salvation

Gal. 2:20

The cross alone has the power to make Jew and Gentile one

Eph. 2:16

It is the measure of the Lord's obedience to God

Phil 2:8-11

It is the measurement of His endurance despite the shame

Heb. 12:2

The degree of the world's hatred and its estimation of the son of God,

Jn. 19:15


Aspects of The Death of The Lord:

Was a manifestation of not only the rejection of the truth, but also the rejecting of God.

Jn. 5:23; 13:20

It was the intention of man, but not the act of man, the Lord gave His own life

Jn. 10:18

It was the planned determination of "spiritual" leaders of Israel

Matt. 27:3-4

In His spirit or soul level, it brought immeasurable grief to the Lord

Matt. 26:38

His death found its groundwork in His fidelity and truthfulness

Mk. 14:55-65

The cross was the method for His death but not the cause of it

Jn. 10:18



May God grant us good understanding as He, by His Holy Spirit, deigns to guide us into all truth.
John 16:13

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