Poetry by Rowan Jennings



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A Note Of Thanks


Arise My Soul

  Awake My Heart and Praise The Lord
  Beautiful To God
  Before Caiaphas

  Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord   
  God's Grace in Forgiveness
  Harsh the Grindings
  I Stand Forgiven
  Isaiah Six
  My Blessed Redeemer
  My Conversion
  Oh Look Beyond The Present
  Overcoming Grace
  Pleadings From Hell
  Questions to Judas
  Standing Still To Serve
  The Curve Along The Road
  The Forensic God
  The Judgment Seat
  The Dark Side of The Opal
  The Fearful Night
  The Old Life Dies So Slowly
  The Pourings of God
  The Quest For God
  The Richness of God's Love
  The Sullen Clouds Are Rolling Across Judea's Plain
  The Unnamed Ladies
  Through Old Jerusalem's Streets They Walked
  Thy Name Eclipses Every Name
  Thy Life To God

Trying To Listen To God