“Not as I will but thine be done”, prayed in sincerity
“Not as I will but Thine be done”, said in humility
For thine own glory now I bow, I’ll suffer, bear the shame
That man might Thy salvation see and glorify Thy name. 

No vileness vented now on me, nor fierce satanic roar
By many bulls I’ll not digress, no matter how they gore
Let viciousness from men erupt, infernal power make known
I never will dishonour Thee, nor ever thee dethrone. 

I’ll take the cup, I’ll drink its dregs, I’ll drink, I will not sup
For three long hours I’ll drink it deep, till emptied is that cup
Lord glorify thyself in me, thy mighty arm make bare
Deliver me from death’s dark tomb and Satan’s mighty lair. 

None else shall stand beside me, I’ll do thy will alone
For I have come to do thy will, for sinners to atone
I bow my will, Thy will be done, I’ll all surrendered be
I ask thee God be magnified, and glorified by me. 

Thus now together we move on, my Father God and me
We will not stop till all is done on the accursed tree
And I shall loud triumphant cry, “Is finished, all is done”
And heavens vaults, erupt in praise, for all that God has done. 

Not as I will but thine be done, is this how I must live?
Completely all in all for God, and all to Him to give?
Nought for myself, to call my own, I shall surrendered be
I ask, “Lord glorify thyself, yea glorified through me”. 

© Rowan Jennings
24th June 2007