To be cast down, forever damned, in the fiercest fires of hell
To weep and wail eternally, the solemn message tell.
While conscience screams so loudly, of wickedness Iíve done
For I rejected Jesus, the love of God, the Son. 

I often heard the message, at times with weeping voice
A preacher, he would plead with me, to make the wisest choice.
But, stubborn was my attitude, for I would give no place
To Christ the only Saviour for all the human race. 

I often heard my mother, while bowing on her knees
Oh God, please save my Johnny, oh please, oh God oh please.
Her tears meant nothing to me, no sympathy within
For I loved to play and dabble in self will and in sin. 

I oft times saw the Bible, and heard my father read
He told me of my dreadful plight, I was condemned indeed.
But I shrugged it off so lightly, I was a foolish man
The devil whispered to me, your God will never damn. 

He offered to me pleasure, my heart he would amuse
I could have just what I wanted, whatever sin I choose.
There is no hell, there are no flames, thereís nothing for to fear
And so I stayed upon my path, and never shed a tear. 

For God meant nothing to me, so why should I fear him?
As I was living out my will, a slave controlled by sin.
There was no judgment scene to face, no one to give account
I just would go on sinning, so who cares as they mount. 

And then one day, it happened, I gave a final gasp
And life it drained right out of me, my soul was lost at last.
For in that moment, there in time, for time means nothing here
My laughter it was turned to grief, Iíd everything to fear. 

For sin, no longer was it fun, no pleasure now it gave
And neither was there now a Christ who came to seek and save.
But in the darkness of that hour, blackness deep filled me
I had rejected Godís own Son who died upon the tree. 

There is no hope left for me now, alone, I wait the day
When God will judge me for my sins, and banish me away.
Despite each privilege I had, I arrogantly had spurned
And now I am forever lost, in deepest hell, Iíll burn. 

Before me lies eternal night, Oh hell it has a flame
If only I could relive life, Iíd never be the same.
I plead with you, dear human, please listen as I tell
There is a Saviour waiting to save your soul from hell. 

How deep my heart is crying, in agony I weep
Donít come into this torment, but bow at Jesusí feet.
Please take Him as your Saviour, bow to Him while you may
For when death overtakes you, gone is salvationís day. 

©  Rowan Jennings