My dearest friend my sister, my heart it prays for you
For the path the Lordís permitting, is very hard its true
A way of deep vexation, and grieving to the soul
Men tempting God in heaven, refusing to be whole. 

They flaunt their evil practice, thus mock the God of Heaven
Their lives are filled with deepest sin, in vile corrupting leaven
Dear sister see the darkness, which oíre their lives is cast
Condemned by God, and slaves to sin, in hell forever cast. 

For thee I pray, Iíll intercede, and cry to God above
ďOh give thy child my sister dear, the comfort of thy love
Pour now thy strength into thy child, in weakness make her strong
To bear up in this trial, its time be short or long. 

Lord help her to behold thee, and know thy presence near
To see thy glory daily, thus ever her to cheer
And help her praise thy glorious Name, e'ne in the darkest hour
Oh Mighty God preserve her, sustain her by thy power.Ē 

May God Himself now grant thee, to see beyond today
To see the future glories that finally outweigh
The grieving to your deepest soul, afflictions deep severe
And know the fullness of Godís love, your daily portion here. 

© Rowan Jennings
23rd Dec. 2001