Here I stand and all forgiven
By the virtue of the Blood,
Not a stain is now upon me
I have perfect peace with God. 

Though he looks with eyes of justice
Not a stain on me remains,

All my sins and all transgressions
Gone forever are those stains. 

There is now no condemnation
Every trace of guilt now gone,

I am pure, redeemed, forgiven
Through the blessed Son of God.

Yet, though Satan still reminds me
Of the darkness of my past,
Through the blood of God my Saviour
Far beyond his back they’re cast. 

Who I ask can now condemn me?
Christ the Lord is risen on high,
Glad rejoicing in my Saviour
I shall see Him by and by. 

Who can lay a charge against me?
I am fully justified,
Through my Lord the risen Saviour

I am cleansed and sanctified.

Now I praise my blessed Saviour
All my sins, yes all are gone,
Not a spot or blemish in me
Through the blessed Son of God. 

©  Rowan Jennings