Three hours had passed, darkness so deep, the sunís great light withholding,
The darkness could not penetrate the curse the Lord's enduring.
The cup of wrath with bitter dregs, I've drained, I've been forsaken,
But now my faith in thee my God, remains, and is unshaken. 

No light could ever penetrate because of manís transgressions,
When Jesus in the sinnerís stead hung there in substitution.
I bow my head and hide my face and make my true confession,
I am unworthy of such grace, this is my declaration. 

Oh why is this he suffers so? Iím filled with deep contrition,
And know for me His blood was shed to save from condemnation.
To gnash my teeth in deep dispair, in hell forever burning,
Great grace, He bore the curse for me, my peace He was procuring. 

There on that cross alone He hung, forsaken, all forsaken,
When from His holy lips there came the cry of desolation.
My God, My God, I am Thy Son, to thee I am devoted,
Ah why should ever words like this, then from my lips be spoken? 

Blest Lord, twas on that awful tree, you died for my transgressions,
And never in the depths of hell shall be my situation.
But by thy grace when in deathís chill, then without hesitation,
My voice Iíll raise to sing thy praise,
Eternal adoration

© Rowan Jennings
June 2011