The rabid crowd around Him pressed
Cared not His soul was sore distressed
The object He of mocking shame
He was the Son of God who came. 

False witnesses they did obtain
For to secure, their own way gain
No righteousness in them was found
His death, a way must then be found. 

They had the witnesses come in
“Give evidence of just one sin”
They contradict what each one said
To find a way to cause his death. 

In dignity He silent stood
Before His God, he had done good
No matter just how much man lied
By God he would be justified. 

Enraged and clear for all to see
He must be nailed soon to a tree
So Caiaphas now gave an oath
Condemned was he by words he spoke. 

It was clear now that under oath
Speak now the truth give us thy troth
“Art thou the Son of God” said he
“Messiah whom we wait to see?” 

The Lord now answered, speaking plain
You’ll see the Son of man again
At God’s right hand, majestic power
In a soon coming fearful hour. 

In flaming fury then he tore
The sacred gowns the priest then wore
For blasphemy, He now must die
The judges voiced, “Yea crucify”. 

Thus in the Judgment Hall he stood
The Holy one spat on, so rude
They mocked and jeered the sinless One
And failed to see, he was the Son. 

With spit upon His lovely face
How insolent of human race
And then to mock with evil sneer
Derisions hurtful to His ear. 

Proud men then raised the smiting rod
He dared to smite the Son of God
Oh man think clear, can this be true
He suffered this, for you, for you. 

Let man now seek to find a way
To put to death this very day
No fault could ever thus be found
To Pilate now they send Him bound. 

Praise God he died on Calvary
He paid the price for sinful me
For me he suffered in my stead
For me was numbered with the dead. 

© Rowan Jennings
14th June 2002
Revised 24th June 2007