How great is Thy grace, immense and itís free
That whispers Thy love to all, even me.

In darkness of trial it comforts my soul
As my heart sings for joy, and then makes me bold
To rise up in faith and trust in the Lord
And know He is with me as we battle with the sword.

And then there are times when I am so weak
King sin is so powerful, to Thee I will seek
For in my great weakness Thy strength is so strong
And I overcome and sing the new song.

And then there are times in the depths of despair
When my sins overwhelm me, and I would not dare
To lift up an eye to the God up above
Then Thy grace shines so golden, what wonderful love.

It tells of Thy love, so forgiving and free
It lifts up Thy Son who died on the tree
And all my iniquities on Him were laid
Praise God, I am clean through the blood that He shed.

Oh Lord, when Iím home in the mansions above
My heart will still praise thine immeasurable love
Of grace which was shown to a rebel like me
And gave me salvation so rich and so free.

Rowan Jennings
23rd Oct. 2001