A beauteous rose fragrant, thatís what Thou art, oh see,
The fragrance of Thy living, to Christ who died for thee
When with a scent arising of perfume sweet to God
Through Christ the blessed Saviour, and His own precious blood. 

That rich and sweet communion, enjoyed so deep by thee,
It makes thy life so pleasing to the Man of Calvary
For each and every morning, an offering does arise
And praises true ascending, while tears they fill thine eyes. 

Though once thy life was damaged by sin and dark self will,
God graciously now listens, and waits to hear thee still
And whispers to thine opened ear, encouragements so free
Oh come my child my loved one, I long to speak with thee. 

And so in deep communion and fellowship divine,
He whispers to thee truly, my child thou now art mine
And then thy heart, responding, with words so gratefully
I thank thee Lord that thou hast found, a fragrance here in me. 

Rowan Jennings
24th May 2002