I look outside, the early dawn, now kisses night goodbye
A new day is awakening, my heart begins to fly
For as I look and see the sky, so vast and perfect hue
I think of when our Lord came down to show us love so true.

It is a love thatís infinite, so vast and full and free
Itís higher than the heavens above and deeper then the sea.
Itís fulness is immeasurable, itís blessedness so rich
But, oh how precious is His love, it reaches even me.

It brings me first to heights above, before the world began
Into the chambers of my God, and there unveils His plan.
He looking down, eons of time, in grace elected me
Secured the blessedness of such, by Christ upon the tree.

Thus, Christ came down to earth below, a man yet God supreme
This shows the fulness of Godís love, as neíer before eíre seen.
He loved His own, God loved the world, revealing to us true
The fulness of the heart of God, in love for me and you.

He walked this earth, this vale of tears, with sorrow grief and pain
Afflicted, mocked, despised at length, perfection to attain.
To succor us in trials here, He came so very near
His love so richly shown below where ere He wept a tear.

But on to Calvaryís cross He went, a man in love with God
And knew full well the fierceness of the justice of Godís rod.
Full judgment there upon Him laid, afflictions words canít tell
Thus showing forth His perfect love, to save my soul from hell.

He died upon the cross of shame, in deepest agony
But God has raised Him from the dead and offers liberty.
To every sin sick broken heart, or one by habits bound
In love He whispers to my ear, my child you have been found.

So lifting us up in His arms, as with a little child
He strengthens us and comforts us, throughout this little while.
Thus, as I look and see the dawn, it is another day
I thank my blessed Lord above; Heíll love me all the way.

 Rowan Jennings
12th Dec. 2001