My blessed Redeemer, how precious thou art
Thy name shall forever, great riches impart.
A perfect salvation, for eternity
Lord Jesus Iíll now sing of Thee. 

My voice shall I raise, in anthems of praise
Up there in the sky, forever and aye.
My praises Iíll bring, This song shall I sing
All worthy, all worthy art Thou. 

All glory to Father who sits on the throne
And blesses forever all those who will own.
The greatness of Jesus who died on the tree
Lord Jesus I now sing of Thee.

 Oh what shall it be in realms of the blest?
When wearied with warring our souls shall then rest.
And there to see thee Lord, so wondrously high
This song I shall sing bye and bye. 

©  Rowan Jennings
1st Jan. 2001