We get built up and then let down
And know not where to seek
The reasons for these winds and waves
That cross our wearied feet. 

The news is good and then itís bad
Our hearts begin to break
And deeper down our spirits drop
A sad and tragic state.

Tis grief itself stares in our face
And disappointment sore
The skies above are sullen gray
Oh Lord I plead, No more.

Until I look above the skies
And see beyond the blue
There is a throne,
itís settled there
Lord on that throne is you.

Thou art controlling every storm
They come across so fast
I see the rainbow-circled throne
The reason known at last.

Oh I shall sing with heartfelt praise
The song of love divine
That in the darkness of the hour
Reminds me I am thine. 

To lose me from an earthly view
And confidence below
To cause me rest in thee alone
Because you love me so.

And soon the harvest time will come
Then I be fully grown
Oh thank you Lord for desert storms
Throughout my pathway strewn.

©  Rowan Jennings
23rd Oct. 2001