There is a beauty in this world that is not that of face
But a loveliness of character, of gentleness and grace.
A splendor thatís a fragrance, delightful to our God
An attractiveness and winsomeness this world can never rob. 

It does not come too easily, the price is very high
For one must re-evaluate all that this world holds high.
And then in casting in the dust, opinions of mankind
And longing for that beauty, to God thatís so refined. 

It is that gentle loveliness that bows to God above
And despite provocation, it manifests true love.
There is no exaltation of self for all to see
But gives all adoration to the Christ of Calvary. 

Itís seen so very clearly in serenity of face
The tranquility of movement that anyone can trace.
A splendidness of tenderness that cannot be described
It is the character of Christ, the blessed Lord who died.

Oh Father by Thy Spirit, help me to bend the knee
And let thee by Thy wisdom, so fully fashion me.
That there shall be reflected within this life of mine
The beauty of Thy character and excellencies divine.

Rowan Jennings
Abbotsford, B.C.